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Scott Rogers Show 01/26/17 - () 19.6 MB
President Trump's executive actions are laying the groundwork for fixing the nation. Chelsea Handler says Melania Trump hardly speaks English. She actually speaks 5 languages. Celebrities are still crying about losing. Talk about cry babies. They need to grow up and shut up.

Scott Rogers Show 01/23/17 - () 16.03 MB
What exactly was the point of the Women's March in Washington? They believe in love but they sure spewed a lot of hate. Trump and Republicans in Congress have a lot of work to do. We outline some of the things they must complete this year.

Scott Rogers Show 01/18/17 - () 23.66 MB
Time for REAL School Choice in the USA. Obama scores the worst legislative record in history. Obama commutes sentences of TERRORISTS. Enjoy this Montage of Obama Campaign promises (LIES) that never came to pass. Lefties still think people voted for Trump because they are all racist against Obama. But Obama was elected twice. Hmmm....... nice try Michael Eric Dyson.

Scott Rogers Show 01/16/17 - () 16.59 MB
The civil rights movement would have still existed if John Lewis didn't participate. He isn't a saint. For some reason the left paints him as this holier than thou person. No one wants to examine his voting record. Hey Dems, Russians didn't influence the election. Get over it. YOU LOST!

Scott Rogers Show 01/11/17 - () 21.43 MB
Obama talks about himself 75 times in his farewell address. Farewell to narcissism in the White House. An MTV News reporter tweets a racist tweet at Jeff Sessions. Some how this guy still has a job. The Liberal media gush over Obama's scandal free time in office. Scott goes over just a few of the many scandals that rocked Obama's world.

Scott Rogers Show 01/09/17 - () 18.07 MB
Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech proves that Hollywood is misguided in the ways of the political world. They only believe what the liberal media tells them to believe. The left is still bitter that Trump won. Ya know what? GET OVER IT! YOU LOST!

Scott Rogers Show 12/13/16 - () 16.18 MB
Is Rex Tillerson the right choice for Sec. of State? Wouldn't John Bolton be the better choice? The left goes bananas over the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Good. We need to address REAL issues in this country, not the ones concocted by the left.

Scott Rogers Show 11/28/16 - () 20.33 MB
Mitt Romney for Sec. of State? Now that's a mistake. Fidel Castro is dead! Sore Loser Hillary is back! Joins a stupid recount effort.

Scott Rogers Show 11/09/16 - () 22.71 MB
Donald Trump WINS! A huge victory for the American people! Megyn Kelly and others are Fox still dis Trump even when it looks like he's going to win. Scott addresses Megyn Kelly directly and wonders why she is still at Fox News. She must not get it... this was a VOTE AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT. And the voters won. The establishment LOST! Anti-Trumpers lost!

Scott Rogers Show 11/07/16 - () 16.59 MB
James Comey should resign. Trump not affected by new FBI announcement in polling. Flashback: Jesse Jackson Praised Trump for 'Commitment' to Diversity, but now Donald is a racist... ya right Jesse. Well over 50% of Americans think Hillary should be indicted.

Scott Rogers Show 11/01/16 - () 21.1 MB
FBI gets laptop with thousands of Hillary emails that we're uncovered before. Democrats are jumping ship, many are voting for Donald Trump or not voting. The media has nothing else to report but the Russians are to blame and they are influencing the election, which is clearly false. They refuse to show Clinton is under a criminal investigation. Amazing.

Scott Rogers Show 10/25/16 - () 20.74 MB
The TRUTH about rigged elections. Voter fraud, dead voters on the rolls, people being paid to vote for the "right" person. It happens every election and we talk about it. Obamacare is failing and Hillary wants to expand it. This single issue should be enough to swing votes to Trump. Obama never apologizes to the American people. Have you noticed that?

Scott Rogers Show 10/20/16 - () 24.05 MB
Debate Recap: Trump's debate performance was the best one yet. Hillary lied through her fake smile and refused to answer Wallace's questions on Pay for Play among other things. Its amazing that anyone would vote for someone who is so deceitful as Hillary Clinton.

Scott Rogers Show 10/19/16 - () 21.95 MB
We're back after a couple weeks off! And boy do we have a show for you! ‘To be white is to be racist, period,’ a high school teacher told his class -- Clearly this guy has mental problems. What is going on inside of our schools. How is this important? This is not the EDUCATION that our students need. Teachers 'opinions' should stay OUT of the classroom.

Scott Rogers Show 9/28/16 - () 24.83 MB
At the debate, Hillary Clinton calls everyone racist. This must include herself. Lester Holt was in the tank for Hillary, we have many examples. Hillary said she never said TPP was the gold standard. We have proof she said it. As soon as Donald Trump reaches out to the African-American community George Soros instigates a riot. People want specifics from their candidates. Hillary has said nothing specific at all except that she wants to tax everyone and spend the money on programs that will have no hope of saving our economy.

Scott Rogers Show 9/21/16 - () 14.83 MB
When will the police be allowed to do their job? These riots are getting out of hand and elected officials don't seem to care. Hillary Clinton has spent $50 million in the past month only to be tied or losing to Trump. George H.W. Bush says he's voting for Hillary. What a senile moron.

Scott Rogers Show 09/19/16 - () 16.16 MB
Terrorist suspect captured after bombs go off in NYC and NJ. When will the liberals acknowledge that Islamic terrorism is a real threat? The media is trying to dig up stuff on Donald Trump. They can't find anything so they bring up the birther remarks he made years ago. They don't tell the whole story that Hillary's team was responsible for the birther situation back in 2008. Trump is starting to lead in many key swing states.

Scott Rogers Show 09/07/16 - () 22.17 MB
Hillary's cough worsens. She is blaming allergies when allergens are not in the air. Will the lame stream media cover the real story or continue their bias? Is Donald Trump reaching out to the black community the right way? John Kasich is spending more time campaigning for GOP candidates than running his state. Apparently that is more important than the people of Ohio.

Scott Rogers Show 09/01/16 - () 14.13 MB
I asked for specifics from Trump on immigration and we got it. A 10 point plan that looks very good on paper. But will we make it saw that law enforcement can do their jobs and check people's documentation. Will be able to get rid of sanctuary cities? Will we finally enforce our laws? I hope so.

Scott Rogers Show 08/24/16 - () 21.27 MB
People had to donate to the Clinton Foundation to meet with Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. How is this legal? Trump postpones his immigration speech. He needs to be specific on what he is going to do to enforce our immigration laws. 80% of the country wants voter ID to be the law of the land. Why can't Congress see this?

Scott Rogers Show 08/18/16 - () 21.23 MB
Hillary lies: 2 minute video proves it. Trump needs to address Obamacare's failure and Hillary's support for expanding it. Joe Biden points out who holds the nuke codes when he is out of the WH. And he says Trump can't be trusted.

Scott Rogers Show 08/17/16 - () 22.39 MB
Donald Trump is appealing to the African American voter. Gave a brilliant speech. Liberal policies are failing the poor people in this country. School choice in inner cities would fix a lot of problems. These riots because of police shootings are getting absurd. These individuals need to be arrested and put in jail. Law abiding citizens in these neighborhoods need to say enough is enough.

Scott Rogers Show 08/11/16 - () 15.21 MB
Hillary abused her power as Secretary of State to exchange money for favors in the State Dept. How is this legal? It's not. Donald Trump never advocated violence against Hillary. The lame stream media sure has a good imagination. Mr. Income Inequality Bernie Sanders bought a 3rd home.

Scott Rogers Show 08/08/16 - () 17.52 MB
Spokesman erupts in laughter after claiming State Dept. is transparent. Obama says we do not pay ransom for hostages. But it sure looks like we did. John Kasich wants to spend more time campaigning for RINOs than being Gov of Ohio.

Scott Rogers Show 08/03/16 - () 14.13 MB
More info on the Khan Job - turns out the law firm he used to work for is associated with the Clintons, surprise surprise. Obama paid Iran $400+ Million to get some American prisoners released. Can you say RANSOM? The White House refuses to detail information on this ransom.

Scott Rogers Show 08/01/16 - () 15.28 MB
Double Standard: Media all over Trump's comments about the Khan family, but doesn't talk about Hillary calling Patricia Smith a LIAR. Khan is an agent for the Muslim Brotherhood and we have proof. We talk about it today on the show.

Scott Rogers Show 07/27/16 - () 17.96 MB
New LA Times poll has Trump up 7 points nationally. Democrats get an 11 year old child to cry about her parents being illegal. Note: the illegal mother standing next to her was not arrested or deported. Bernie supporters think Trump is less dangerous than Hillary. But they also think Hillary is a republican.

Scott Rogers Show 07/21/16 - () 15.96 MB
Cruz, at the very least, should have told people to vote Republican in November. Instead he said vote your conscience. Not a good idea. Why was he even at the convention if he wasn't going to show solidarity and unite the party? He broke his pledge and his word. Big mistake and voters will not forget this.

Scott Rogers Show 07/20/16 - () 20.63 MB
Anti-Trump delegates need to shut up and back the candidate who won fair and square. Chris Christie's convention speech was brilliant! Milo suspended permanently by Twitter minutes before ‘Gays For Trump’ Party at RNC.

Scott Rogers Show 07/18/16 - () 16.48 MB
Obama is still blaming cops for the racial unrest in the country. The highest ranking officer is found not guilty of all charges in Freddie Gray Case. Mosby is 0-4. No evidence = No conviction. John Kerry says the latest terror attacks are proof ISIS is on the run. What is he smoking?

Scott Rogers Show 07/15/16 - () 18.05 MB
Another terrorist attack in France. What will Obama's response be? Prayers and thoughts. But most likely no action. When are we going to fight ISIS instead of just talking about it. Trump picks Mike Pence as his running mate. Is this the right choice?

Scott Rogers Show 07/13/16 - () 15.12 MB
Marc Lamont Hill says black people cannot be racist. He clearly does not know the definition of the word. A transgender guy was caught taking photos of women in a changing room at Target. Told ya so. It's only the beginning. Donald Trump is leading Hillary in battleground states, new polls show. Gingrich would be the VP choice to put Trump over the top in the polls.

Scott Rogers Show 07/11/16 - () 18.77 MB
The media spotlights these police shootings before all the facts are in and they are creating the unrest. Black Lives Matter is a hate group filled with racists. Where is BLM when it comes to all the black people being killed in Chicago every day? Nowhere to be found.

Scott Rogers Show 07/08/16 - () 17.27 MB
5 police officers were killed and 7 were wounded in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter protest. Obama blames gun control. One of the suspects, who died, said he was there to kill white people and white police officers. The gun was at fault, ya right. Racism at its finest and Obama won't acknowledge it.

Scott Rogers Show 07/06/16 - () 16.48 MB
Hillary gets off scot-free. She broke the law and got away with it. Amazing! Can anyone stop the Clinton Machine? Plus Obama flies Hillary to a campaign event on Air Force One. Your tax dollars at work.

Scott Rogers Show 07/01/16 - () 14.34 MB
The Three Amigos meet in Canada to discuss globalism and North America's place in it. Obama says globalism is bad for liberal economics. Why does he want it then? Bill Clinton meets in private with AG Loretta Lynch. Something smells here...

Scott Rogers Show 06/28/16 - () 17.69 MB
Britons voted to leave the EU because they want their freedom back. Why are some Republicans still bashing their own candidate? Not Voting or voting for a 3rd party equals a vote for Hillary.

Scott Rogers Show 06/23/16 - () 21.8 MB
Mass shooting in Germany. Yes, Germany, a country that has super strict gun control. So clearly gun control doesn't stop it. The problem is with the intelligence agencies, not guns. Trump gave a big speech against Hillary on Wednesday. He needs to give more speeches like this.

Scott Rogers Show 06/21/16 - () 21.42 MB
The WH says the GOP isn't doing anything to stop reality, it is Obama who has not done ENOUGH to stop ISIS and their influence. The FBI screwed up. If you want to blame someone for the Orlando terrorist attack, blame them. The problem isn't with guns, its with the background checks! The GOP needs to get behind Trump. This division in the party and public criticism of Trump isn't helping.

Scott Rogers Show 06/15/16 - () 13.55 MB
Josh Earnest Fails Miserably Defining What Constitutes An Assault Weapon. Harry Reid is still calling Trump a bigot. Trump's Muslim ban has nothing to do with American Muslims. But Harry Reid wants you to believe it is. Last year 480,000 people over stayed their visas in the US, illegally. This is a major problem NO ONE is talking about. According to the left, Donald Trump is single-handedly responsible for ISIS' recruiting efforts.

Scott Rogers Show 06/13/16 - () 14.13 MB
We break down the latest terrorist attack on US Soil. Again the FBI has failed when it comes to stopping these before they happen.

Scott Rogers Show 06/09/16 - () 14.13 MB
Trump has given a speech that all Republicans should appreciate and respect. Former AG Alberto Gonzales has said that Trump has every right to question the judge's possible bias. Trump's favorability rating among Hispanics is 37% and Hillary is at 41%. It appears Latinos find Trump a viable candidate.

Scott Rogers Show 06/07/16 - () 12.27 MB
For the last time Donald Trump is not a racist. The GOP needs to stand by their candidate not criticize him when what he speaks is the truth. The Judge presiding over Trump's case is affiliated with La Raza which is a hate filled racist group dedicated to supporting illegal immigrants and pushing for amnesty. Both of these things Trump is against. So is there bias? Damn right there is.

Scott Rogers Show 06/02/16 - () 16.45 MB
Bill Kristol's big pick for the 3rd party presidential bid? David French. Who???? Obama wants everything to fail so he can come in and be the savior. Obama says more manufacturing jobs are being created under his watch. Ya, in Mexico and in China, not in the US.

Scott Rogers Show 05/31/16 - () 12.03 MB
Marco Rubio is on board with #neverhillary. Feinstein says Hillary needs privacy. If you're a public figure, you get no privacy. To liberals the gorilla's life is more important than the child's. No surprise their they'd rather abort children than save their lives.

Scott Rogers Show 05/26/16 - () 12.17 MB
These are not protests at the Trump events, they are RIOTS. The police need to do a better job of stopping these idiots. Most people who are at these RIOTS have no clue why they are there. Inspector General report proves Hillary has lied about emails. Trump should try to avoid ripping on fellow Republicans. This adds fuel to the Dems fire against him.

Scott Rogers Show 05/25/16 - () 15.73 MB
Hillary's attacks on Donald Trump have no substance. Donald Trump is now beating Hillary nationally in another poll. Mexican Trump Supporter Verbally Destroys Anaheim City Council Member Kris Murray - We need more people like this guy to stand up to liberal politicians.

Scott Rogers Show 05/19/16 - () 15.79 MB
Democrats want illegals legalized for votes, no other reason. If Trump loses the election, America as we know it will be no more. The PC, liberal, anti-Christian way of life will become law. And expect the Islamification of America just like Europe.

Scott Rogers Show 05/17/16 - () 13.74 MB
Bill Clinton's State of the Union speech in 1996 had a lot of tough talk on illegal immigration. His words are very similar to Trump's words on that issue today. Hillary can't even call illegals illegal. She just refers to them as immigrants. The PC crap has got to stop. Gingrich should be Trump's pick for VP.

Scott Rogers Show 05/12/16 - () 15.04 MB
This election is about the Supreme Court which is why it cannot end up with a liberal winning it. Ignorant liberals and the Justice Dept. didn't bother reading the N.C. bathroom law at all. School Vouchers and Daycare - Can there be a compromise?

Scott Rogers Show 05/10/16 - () 14.53 MB
Bill Kristol wants a 3rd party candidate. He cannot accept Trump as president. Kristol is an establishment moron. 3rd party = Hillary wins. PLUS: Why the bathroom law is important and not a civil rights issue.

Scott Rogers Show 05/05/16 - () 13.6 MB
Time to drop #nevertrump and replace it with #NeverHillary. Gingrich has it right on why Trump needs to elected. This election is about the Supreme Court. Hey #nevertrump people, there really is no reason why you would not vote for the GOP candidate and give the election to someone like Hillary. That's just plain stupid.

Scott Rogers Show 05/04/16 - () 11.52 MB
Ted Cruz has withdrawn. For some reason Kasich is still in the race. Why? Hey #nevertrump people, it's time to support the GOP candidate. You don't want to stay home or God forbid vote for Hillary. Trump is still the better choice than any LIBERAL. Trump is not liberal at all. The establishment is more liberal that he is. Look at their voting records.

Scott Rogers Show 04/26/16 - () 14.45 MB
Another one: Lena Dunham says she will move to Canada if Trump is elected. Good, nobody cares. The Cruz/Kasich alliance is the last ditch effort to thwart Trump. If Trump sweeps tonight's primaries, its pretty much all over.

Scott Rogers Show 04/20/16 - () 13.74 MB
Landslide victory for Trump in New York. Ted Cruz finished 3rd... his time is running out. The GOP establishment is out of ideas. The only way they can get rid of Trump is to keep changing the rules of primaries and the convention. The RNC needs to update how the primary process works in every state by working with the state GOP so that everyone's vote counts.

Scott Rogers Show 04/19/16 - () 21.33 MB
Is Ted Cruz getting the wrong polling data? Why is John Kasich still running? Apparently now you're a racist if you don't like people who sing in Spanish. And you're a bigot if you think transgendered people should be able to use the bathroom that they identify why. Enough of the PC crap!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 04/14/16 - () 13.74 MB
Ted Cruz says Rubio could be a good running mate for him. Is this a sign he is making a deal with the establishment? Will unbound delegates give Trump a boost or will the RNC change the rules before the convention? These questions answered and more on today's podcast.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 04/11/16 - () 14.95 MB
No voters are being represented by the GOP delegates in Colorado. People are leaving the GOP because of this. The establishment is trying to control the nomination process. United HealthCare is leaving Obamacare exchanges in certain states. Will other companies follow? The GOP needs to be careful, they don't want to lose voters, the election is too important.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 04/06/16 - () 14.69 MB
The corporate tax rate in the US needs to be lowered to be similar with the rest of the world. Ray Lewis has a message for Black Lives Matter. Will Donald Trump get the 1237 delegates to secure the nomination? The Establishment is using Ted Cruz to destroy Trump.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 04/05/16 - () 16.8 MB
Is the Obama administration changing the specifics of the Iran deal as they go along? What happens if there is a contested convention? We talk about this and more!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 03/30/16 - () 14.96 MB
Grabbing someones arm is now considered "battery" Since when? So Trump's campaign manager is arrested but Hillary Clinton is still sitting pretty. How is that possible? NBC attacks Trump again and again. The anti-Trump bias is so obvious its not even funny.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 03/25/16 - () 19.35 MB
Obama refuses to take ISIS seriously. What will it take? A 9/11 style attack on US soil? Whoopie Goldberg still thinks Trump is a racist. She is so uninformed its not even funny. Glenn Beck says you're not a real Christian if you vote for Trump. This guy is crazy.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 03/24/16 - () 15.25 MB
We need to destroy ISIS. We need to use whatever means necessary. The terrorists will never stop until they are all dead. The GOP must unite behind who the people pick as the nominee. Contested conventions, delegate influencing and secret meetings will not make the voters happy. And for the last time. MUSLIM/ISLAM is NOT A RACE!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 03/16/16 - () 15.32 MB
Trump wins big on Tuesday. Rubio is out. The Republican party needs to make sure they back the candidate who WINS the most delegates. Bringing up contested conventions pisses off your base big time. This election is the most important due to the SCOTUS nomination. Why is the loony left still blaming Trump for the fist fights at his events?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 03/14/16 - () 14.87 MB
Kasich doubles down on his amnesty pledge. He is even bringing religion into it. He's losing his mind as well as the election. Trump is not to blame for the rent-a-mobs at his events. The media refuses to blame Soros and moveon dot org

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 03/10/16 - () 14.17 MB
Trump says Islam hates us. Well, he should have said people in Islamic countries are taught to hate us. Hillary says the border is secure. This woman is clueless. Liberals like Hillary Clinton are afraid of offending criminals, illegals and Mexico. More and more democrats and independents are voting for Trump.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 03/09/16 - () 15.68 MB
Tuesday Primary recap. Rubio won ZERO delegates. Why is he still in this race? Trump calls on the GOP to unite around him. Bernie Sanders says white people don't know what it's like to be poor. This guy is insane.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 03/04/16 - () 18.42 MB
Who cares what Mitt Romney has to say? We don't need another loser telling us what to think. Marco Rubio's immature attacks on are having no effect on Trump. And they are hurting Rubio's career. Enough debates already. There is no substance only childish attacks. If the establishment doesn't get behind Trump their 'party' is over.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 03/02/16 - () 12.26 MB
Chris Christie introduces Trump with no excitement at all. Trump might want to find someone who actually wants Trump to win. Rubio thinks he is still in the race. The math doesn't add up for Rubio at all. He's living in a fantasy land. The people of Florida will speak in 2 weeks and again when he runs for re-election. Too much baggage.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/01/2016 - () 12.15 MB
Super Tuesday! Donald Trump has a commanding lead in many states. Bill Kristol still seems to think that Trump can be defeated. Apparently he can't read polls. Trump says why do we need all these debates!? We've been saying that for months. MSNBC Host Caught Off Guard After Black Trump Supporter Says To Ignore Race-Baiting.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 02/22/16 - () 13.74 MB
Rubio thinks that 70% of the vote is still out there to grab. Not exactly Marco. Karl Rove says Trump has peaked.... again.... no matter what Trump is still in the lead, so that says something about his voter base, they aren't leaving him. People don't want a wimp like Rubio in the oval office.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 02/19/16 - () 15.98 MB
Hillary gets booed at her own town hall. Bernie Sanders tries to explain democratic socialism - he thinks social security is socialism. He is clueless. He thinks these European countries have great healthcare...his example, Denmark, has the lowest life expectancy in the region, and the highest rates of death from cancer. Oh that's great healthcare there isn't it. The Pope says if you believe in building walls you aren't a Christian. No wonder people are leaving the Catholic church is droves. The Pope needs to stay out of our politics.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 02/17/16 - () 13.74 MB
Hillary has another coughing fit and barks like a dog. You can't buy these soundbites!! Obama thinks all Republicans are anti Muslim and anti immigrant. No, Republicans are just anti Obama. Marco Rubio was pro amnesty all the way back in 1998. Do you really think he's changed his tune? Nope!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 02/15/16 - () 15.05 MB
Why are we Still talking about Iraq and 9/11 during the GOP debates? Those are not the issues the American people care about. Bill Kristol is wrong again about Trump, apparently he can't read polls. Donald Trump is trying to align Jeb Bush with George W. There is no reason to do this. Who is advising Trump on this one? Plus Time to get rid of The Cuban Adjustment Act, why are illegal Cubans getting a free ride?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 02/10/16 - () 16.7 MB
Donald Trump wins in New Hampshire. Rubio came in 5th. Some candidates need to re-evaluate their campaigns. Hillary is feeling the Bern. Who exactly is Bernie Sanders? We will tell you. Those of you who are uninformed voters should listen to this.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 02/08/16 - () 12.09 MB
Robot Rubio at the debate kept repeating himself. And he is dropping in polls. Christie calls him out on his rehearsed debate speeches. Americans want a President who is tough as nails, not a wimp. Trump says bring back waterboarding and worse. Most people agree with that. Why do we always have to be the nice guys?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 02/03/16 - () 11.38 MB
Back in 2013 Chris Matthews said that Rand Paul would be the GOP nominee in 2016. WRONG! Rand Paul has dropped out. Are young people even voting for Hillary?? Doesn't seem that way. Marco Rubio is getting money from a pro-AMNESTY billionaire. He is also taking more money from lobbyists than any other GOP candidate. What does that say about Rubio? The American people want to be represented!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 02/02/16 - () 13.59 MB
Ted Cruz wins in Iowa. Jeb Bush spent $2884 per vote in Iowa and he came in 6th. Might be time to drop out... Rubio comes in 3rd and he thinks he's God's gift to the world. He LOST! Chris Christie had it right, why would we turn over our country to someone who has never run anything in his life. Sanders supporters don't even know what socialism is. Sounds like they don't know anything at all.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 02/01/16 - () 11.88 MB
Why do politicians avoid questions so much? EVERYONE does it, except for maybe Trump. He seems to answer all of them. Maybe not in the way people would like, but he answers them. Even Ted Cruz goes off on tangents and doesn't answer certain questions directly. Hard to tell if its on purpose or not, but still. Plus can Bernie Sanders win in Iowa? Possibly.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 01/25/16 - () 14.73 MB
Glenn Beck said he prefers Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump. He wasn't kidding. Beck has lost his mind. Scott breaks down why Obamacare isn't working and why Bernie's national healthcare is a HUGE mistake. Trump takes the lead in Iowa. Plus Ice Cube talks the Oscars and he is spot on.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 01/22/16 - () 16.18 MB
The National Review devotes an entire issue bashing Trump. Is Trump really that bad to devote a WHOLE issue to bashing him? Shouldn't we as conservatives be debating the issues rather than bashing candidates? John Kerry some of the money going to Iran will be given to terrorists. That's wonderful! Nice deal there. Why are people boycotting the Oscars? Are they a bunch of cry babies? It sure seems that way. Put out a good movie and you can still get snubbed by the academy it doesn't matter what the color of your skin is.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 01/21/16 - () 13.05 MB
We're back! Trump goes after Cruz over a margin loan. Is that all you got Donald? Come on you can do better than that. Sarah Palin endorses Trump. She probably wants the VP nod again. We hope not. Are banks really the enemy? Or are politicians the real enemy?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 12/17/15 - () 11.03 MB
Paul Ryan's Omnibus spending bill does nothing to help the American worker. It does nothing to stop Obama's refugee program. it does nothing to make us safer. Its an embarrassment. The GOP needs to be revamped with real conservatives who care about America and not the special interests.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 12/16/15 - () 10.51 MB
Jeb Bush is still attacking Trump. Yet his poll numbers are dismal. It will be great to see Jeb drop out. Jeff Sessions has released a list of more than 30 Immigrants which were admitted to the U.S. recently, guess what, they were all Implicated in Terrorism! We need to stop all immigration until we figure this out.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 12/15/15 - () 12.59 MB
Donald Trump is losing to Hillary. Ted Cruz is surging in Iowa. Why won't the establishment respect Donald Trump? As of now, he will be the nominee. What happened to the so called GOP Pledge to back whoever the nominee is? The GOP establishment is losing respect from its base.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 12/09/15 - () 14.73 MB
Paul Ryan is lecturing you on what conservatism is. Not sure he is the right guy for that. He clearly isn't listening to conservatives in this country. Donald Trump wasn't talking about taking people's freedom of religion away, Paul. Lindsay Graham sounds more and more like Obama every day. Time for him to change parties. Will we be able to prevent terrorists from coming into our country legally?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 12/08/15 - () 15.91 MB
Donald Trump wants to stop Muslims from coming into the USA. Everyone is outraged. But have they bothered to check with the American people? Nope! Clearly we are letting people into this country who are dangerous. We need to set up a new system to track who is coming here before they get here. Watch lists aren't enough. And we need to PAUSE Immigration until we figure this mess out. PLUS It sounds like someone was doing COKE on the set of Morning Joe today. Make sure you listen to this!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 12/07/15 - () 13.74 MB
Obama finally admits there are acts of terror in this country. But he uses his speech on Sunday to push gun control that many states already have, namely California. Newsflash for Obama: If you buy a gun at a gun show you still have to pass a background check and you don't get to take the gun home that day. Its stupid to think that any gun control law is going to stop terrorism or mass shootings.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 12/04/15 - () 16.81 MB
SURPRISE! San Bernardino shooting: Attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS. Yet the FBI still doesn't call it terrorism... yet. What's Obama's response? Its the guns fault, not the ideology of the person pulling the trigger. Its clear that Obama is sympathizing with everyone BUT the American people. Jeb Bush falls to 3% in latest CNN poll. Yet, he still thinks its 'early' and he will win. What an idiot.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 12/03/15 - () 14.33 MB
Lets just call these mass shootings what they really are. TERRORISM. It doesn't matter if the guy is a radical Muslim or something else. A note for Obama: 508 Casualties (deaths or injuries) from mass shootings in Paris alone in the past year. 424 in the last 7 years in the United States (while Obama has been President). How can Obama say that mass shootings don't happen in other countries? Because he's an idiot. He forgot about the Norway shooting in 2011 as well among others.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 12/02/15 - () 14.69 MB
Turns out Trump was right about Muslim celebrations after 9/11.... well sort of. Chris Christie says he became US Attorney on 9/10/2001. This is a lie, he didn't become US Attorney until December of 2001. Wouldn't you remember the date you took an important job? Clearly Christie was lying. United Health Care is getting ready to leave Obamacare exchanges. Obamacare is not working, yet Obama won't reform it, and plans to veto any bill that repeals it. Another example of how Obama doesn't listen to the American people.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 12/01/15 - () 14.87 MB
Obama is more concerned with global warming than he does terrorism and the American people are not happy. Illegals in Oregon want drivers licenses, so what do they do? They sue. They aren't even CITIZENS! People are out there protesting the wrong things. Protest against your failing elected officials, not hard working police officers who are trying to keep us safe. These protesters need something else to do. They have too much time on their hands.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/30/15 - () 16.05 MB
Obama thinks climate change is more dangerous than ISIS. A 13 year old sues North Carolina over climate change. What a waste of time and money. She is a liberal activist in training. Ted Cruz is spot on regarding Obama once again. Trump drops in the polls a bit. Could be because of some of his crazy comments recently. Cruz improves in the polls. Will Cruz take Iowa?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/20/15 - () 12.83 MB
Hillary Clinton says Muslims aren't terrorists. She is going senile. And she needs a history lesson. Jen Psaki says that ISIS cannot be stopped by military might. She is drinking from the same Kool-Aid as Clinton and Obama. Do these people really believe all this BS they are shoveling? No wonder ISIS is expanding and winning over more hearts and minds in the Middle East.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/18/15 - () 9.81 MB
Is Barack Obama a Muslim sympathizer? Sure seems like it. He never stands up for Christians EVER. He is very slow to destroy ISIS. He makes deals with terror sponsoring nations. Sure seems like Obama isn't playing for the United States.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/17/15 - () 13.7 MB
Obama refuses to use FULL military force against ISIS. How many more innocent people need to die either in NATO countries or our own before greater action is taken to defeat these monsters? Maybe Obama doesn't want to defeat them?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/16/15 - () 10.08 MB
Obama's ISIS Strategy: Nothing. Obama wants to bring more Syrian refugees to the US even though we have no idea who they are or what they are capable of. Black Lives Matter protesters turn racist at Dartmouth.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/13/15 - () 13.29 MB
Liberals are utilizing impressionable college kids to voice their agenda. These kids are so clueless they will protest anything even if its based on lies. Cavuto gives one of these morons a math lesson on Fox regarding the 1% and taxes. If these kids want to protest something they should protest the lack of jobs and protest outside the companies who are hiring foreign workers at a low pay rate instead of Americans.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/11/15 - () 14.67 MB
Debate recap. In this debate we see why certain candidates are performing poorly in the polls. We see who is in favor of amnesty and who will enforce our immigration laws as they stand.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/10/15 - () 20.49 MB
Are these campus protests in Missouri justified? A professor tells a reporter (from the school paper) to get lost when he has ever right to be at there to report it. Clearly this Doctor of communications knows nothing about freedom of the press. This is an example of the crazy professors at our colleges today. Maybe the students should protest the quality of their teachers? Plus Donald Trump explains his conservatism.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/06/15 - () 11.85 MB
Illegal immigrants have no rights. If you entered Mexico illegally you would have no rights at all and would be thrown in jail. But here in the USA, its come on in! We, as a country, are too nice. We need a 'mean' president who will enforce our laws!!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/05/15 - () 11.57 MB
Marco Rubio says Trump was pro-amnesty. But there really isnt any credible evidence of this. Trump didn't help write an amnesty bill in congress. However, questions still need to be asked of Donald and his company's hiring practices. Is Ted Cruz in favor of increasing H1-B visas? We talk about it. We need to make English our official language. Enough of the Spanish option.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 11/04/15 - () 9.81 MB
Obama is sending special forces to Syria. Thought he was against doing that? Is Ben Carson too NICE to be president? Jeb Bush is at 4% in the latest poll. The ship has sunk. He needs to drop out before the embarrassment hurts the GOP.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/29/15 - () 9.64 MB
Scott Recaps the horrible CNBC Debate. Good thing it was only 2 hours. The bias was evident from the beginning and the crowd boo'd the moderators continuously. Should the RNC take responsibility for allowing these horrible questions?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/28/15 - () 9.81 MB
Paul Ryan is part of the problem not the solution. But the GOP has this all for one, one for all mentality that has failed. Obama, in Chicago, tells police chiefs that too many black people are being pulled over. Instead of talking about stopping the murders in Chicago, this is what he talks about. Will Ben Carson 'get mad' at the debate tonight?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/23/15 - () 12.15 MB
Did grilling Hillary for 11 hours help or hinder her? We already know she is a liar, so what did the "new evidence" prove? Not much it seems. Voters don't seem to care. Not enough time was spent on the security of the compound and the backup plan in case the compound ever was attacked.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/22/15 - () 15.25 MB
It's a No Go for Joe. But some still seem to think he may enter the race if Hillary collapses. But time is not on Joe's side. Jeb Bush's poll numbers continue to sink. Bill Kristol's predictions are always wrong and he still seems to think Trump won't get the nomination. However Trump is still leading in every single poll save one, in Iowa, where he is technically tied with Carson.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/20/15 - () 12.06 MB
Note to candidates: Get off blaming people for 9/11. Americans care about what concerns them TODAY not in the past. Trump needs to hit Bush where it hurts and that's on domestic issues like Immigration and Common Core. Jeb Bush is still sinking in the polls and will say whatever he can to hurt Trump, but his attacks are backfiring. Fiorina has also dropped in the latest polls. Looks like her surge after the debate was just that, a debate response. She can't maintain her numbers. Trump is up in the latest polls which is still a shock to the establishment.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/19/15 - () 14.79 MB
Paul Ryan, in a 2013 video, says the USA isn't a country. In the video both Luis Gutierrez and Ryan outline their shared plan for adopting open borders: that is, a national policy of allowing companies to bring in and hire as many foreign workers as they would like... not much has changed today. Paul Ryan should be voted out of office. Hillary turns on the southern accent in a recent speech in Alabama. Bernie Sanders says he's going to raise taxes on everyone.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/16/15 - () 14.44 MB
Carly Fiorina wants the debate to be as long as possible. She thinks the American people love watching her bicker for 3+ hours. She's wrong. Rand Paul thinks he has a shot at the GOP nomination. We don't think so. Hugh Hewitt loves Rubio, its obvious, just listen to him compare him to Lincoln.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/14/15 - () 12.32 MB
Democrat debate round-up including Fact Checks on what they lied about.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/13/15 - () 16.42 MB
The Jeb Bush/Establishment plant at No Labels event backfires. Obama defines leadership as being a leader on climate change. Ben Carson says we may be close to the end of days.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/12/15 - () 14.3 MB
For some reason Lindsey Graham is still running for President. Jeb Bush is now at 6% in the latest CBS poll. Not lookin' good for Jeb. Plus Obama doesn't want to talk about Hillary's emails.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/09/15 - () 13.07 MB
Alan Colmes says the Oregon shooter was a Conservative Republican with no proof. Another example of a liberal giving false information on their low rated radio show. Hillary Clinton says the Idea That You Need More Guns To Battle Shooters "Not Only Illogical, But Offensive" How can that be offensive? Not sure Hillary knows what offensive means. Maybe it means we should go on the OFFENSIVE against these shooters by arming staff at schools as a deterrent.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/08/15 - () 16.9 MB
McCarthy suddenly drops out of the speaker race. Who will the Republicans back? Focus group thinks Hillary is full of herself and bitchy, but Bloomberg doesn't play the whole clip, they cut it short before the REAL discussion happens. Typical. Ben Carson brilliantly defends his comments on the Oregon shooting.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/06/15 - () 12.04 MB
Hillary is still joking about her private email server. She is still flip flopping on who was in charge of determining what was personal and what was work related. Marco Rubio has missed nearly 30% of his votes in the Senate. If 30% of his constituents in Florida didn't vote for him he'd lose. How can you miss 30%? Rubio cares more about running for President than he does about his constituents. Jeb Bush was paid $50k by his parents' church for a speech. What church has a spare $50k to pay Jeb Bush? What a waste of church funds.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/05/15 - () 12.7 MB
Some how gay rights are the same as human rights. I think the people who are being persecuted in the middle east and in China would disagree. It's not even close. Liberals politicize the Oregon shooting. Have you noticed that most of these mass shootings occur in liberal states? Maybe more gun control isn't the answer. More concealed carry IS the answer.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/02/15 - () 13.55 MB
Liberal Policies DO NOT WORK: 94 Million people out of the work force. The REAL Unemployment rate is at least 36%. NOT 5.1% as they want you to believe. More GOP Candidates need to talk about this. Nancy Pelosi says she is a 'devout' Catholic. Unfortunately for her, the Catholic Church forbids abortion. So she is a hypocrite.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 10/01/15 - () 13.97 MB
Jeb Bush's donors are getting nervous. Iraqi Christians denied asylum in US, facing looming expulsion, yet ICE is letting illegals roam free even releasing them into the country with no deportation. Cecile Richards to Congress: 'I've Never Heard of' Child Surviving Abortion Attempt - This is how Planned Parenthood is run, on lies.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/30/15 - () 14.77 MB
The Teamsters want to talk to Trump, they haven't endorsed Hillary. Trump says the REAL unemployment rate could be as high as 40%. Hillary's spokespeople are as dumb as she is when it comes to the email scandal.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/28/15 - () 14.28 MB
Bill Clinton has entered the mix on Hillary's behalf. The GOP establishment is under fire from conservatives. Donald Trump wants to get rid of NAFTA. Is Ben Carson really qualified to be President of the United States?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/25/15 - () 13.55 MB
John Boehner is resigning. Thank God! However, his possible replacement, Kevin McCarthy, isn't much better. We need CONSERVATIVE leadership in Washington, not a bunch of corporate lackeys. Who will step up to the plate? Plus HP was one of first tech companies to outsource jobs overseas. Guess who was in charge at the time? You guessed it, Carly Fiorina.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/24/15 - () 14.86 MB
Scott's research shows the Real Carly Fiorina is NOT Conservative. Plus, in his speech to Congress, the Pope subtly talks about gay marriage but wants us to be compassionate to immigrants and refugees. He does not specifically denounce gay marriage at all. How can that be? Politics.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/23/15 - () 10.2 MB
The Pope is here! The White House compares Obama to Pope Francis. Maybe they meant to compare liberal policies. The FBI has recovered most of Hillary's deleted emails. Will she ever be indicted?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/22/15 - () 13.77 MB
If you're a liberal it's okay for you to criticize a Christian, but if you're a conservative/Christian, you can't be critical of anybody else or you're a bigot. You can vote for who you want to in this country and shouldn't be criticized for WHY you voted for them or didn't vote for them.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/21/15 - () 14.35 MB
Hillary says Obama created 13 million jobs. Yes, she really said that. However, 13million jobs have not been created. Liberals like to include limited part time and temp jobs in that number. Since that is the majority of jobs created that's why that number is so inflated. If all those jobs were created why is the number of out of the workforce workers growing? Ben Carson said he would not vote for a Muslim candidate. Now liberals call him racist. How is that even possible? Again, they seem to think Islam is a race not a religion.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/18/15 - () 14.79 MB
Carly Fiorina was best buddies with Jesse Jackson back in 2003. What sort of conservative hangs out with Jesse Jackson? Donald Trump was Correct in that Jeb Bush is Weak on Immigration because his Wife is Mexican, yes, its true, its in Jeb's Book!!! Chris Matthews thinks Muslim is a race. Here we go again. How can religion be a race? It can't.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/17/15 - () 14.83 MB
Scott does a quick rundown of the GOP Debate. Did Carly Fiorina win? Drudge readers say Trump won again. Why isn't Christie bringing up internet gaming as possible way to generate more revenue for the government? Seems to be working pretty well in NJ.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/16/15 - () 16.53 MB
Bernie Sanders gives vague answers to Andrea Mitchell about his $18 Trillion spending package. This will clearly destroy the economy. Maybe he thinks money grows on trees? He seems to think that Obamacare costs too much money. Somehow he thinks that FREE healthcare will be cost less. What an idiot. How about some hospital billing reform?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/15/15 - () 17.7 MB
Bernie Sanders has released his plan to destroy America's economy. $18 Trillion in spending and no way to pay for the programs. This guy puts Obama's socialist policies to shame.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/14/15 - () 18.34 MB
Bernie Sanders says we have income inequality but he has no solution on how to fix his problem except raise taxes and that is what's been causing the problem all along. Bernie wants to tax everything to pay for govt. entitlements. Why work for it if you can get it for free? Unfortunately for Bernie, that won't help anyone with lower income. But it sure sounds good to get votes doesn't it? The middle class is drying up is because there are no JOBS for the middle class! Its either low pay, part time or nothing.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/11/15 - () 16.39 MB
10,000 Syrian refugees coming to the US. Are we checking their background? Are they the Christian minority? How will we be tracking them once they are here? $15 min. wage is coming to NYC/New York State. Jobs are already being replaced by ordering kiosks and that's just the beginning. Who came up with $15 as the correct amount for the wage increase? Small businesses are going OUT of business and soon we will have over 100 million people out of the work force in the US. Some colleges are offering classes that justify terrorism. Those school administrators should be fired.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/10/15 - () 9.62 MB
ABC omits latest rant from Iran's supreme leader in nuclear deal coverage, Ted Cruz tells it like it is on the Iran Deal. John Kerry and Barack Obama are the worst negotiators in history.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/09/15 - () 14.2 MB
Scott breaks down the Kim Davis situation with FACTS and disputes the liberal media's take on what happened. Hillary doesn't trust Iran, but she trusts the deal because its not a deal created by Bush or Cheney.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/08/15 - () 13.28 MB
Joe Biden wants to know what's wrong with wages in this country. What about the job situation? Hillary still won't apologize for having the private server, she thinks she is above the law. Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump do not agree with Kim Davis' decision not to issue gay marriage licenses. Do Carly and Donald believe in religious freedom? Good question.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/03/15 - () 19.49 MB
Scott breaks down how the Obama admin is lying about the Iran Deal. New Q-poll says a HUGE majority of Americans oppose the Iran Deal. Marco Rubio can say what he wants, but as a member of the gang of 8, his name is tarnished when it comes to illegal immigration.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/02/15 - () 15.85 MB
Chris Christie: We shouldn't let Christian businesses opt out of gay ceremonies - Apparently he hasn't read the 1st amendment. He doesn't seem to care about FREEDOM. John Kerry dances around the question of where Iran's unfrozen assets will go once they get the money. Our leaders in Washington are bunch of wimps and our enemies in the world do NOT respect them. Iran isn't afraid of Obama. No one enforces current UN resolutions, so why would they think anyone will enforce this Iran deal? Hey Kerry, Obama: Stand up whats best for the world, not what makes you look good.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 9/01/15 - () 15.73 MB
More classified emails are found... How long does it take to indict Hillary? Ben Carson is tied with Trump in Iowa polls. Ted Cruz says Christians need to get out and vote! Scott takes on Jorge Ramos' latest statement that Kate's law is unfair. What's unfair is that people come here illegally and commit crimes hurting AMERICAN families. What's unfair is that our government is releasing ILLEGAL criminals back into the population and not deporting them and securing our border.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 8/31/15 - () 12.77 MB
A police officer in Texas is assassinated and Obama is nowhere to be found. Political correctness in this country is getting out of control. Most GOP presidential candidates are saying the same thing about key issues, they aren't offering anything NEW or specific which is why they are losing to Trump.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 8/28/15 - () 14.9 MB
Public Health officials think that billboards and pamphlets will prevent gun violence. Hillary compares GOP candidates to terrorists. Jeb Bush thinks Trump disrespected Jorge Ramos. Here's another reason why Jeb Bush is clueless.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 8/26/15 - () 13.06 MB
Disgruntled former employee opens fire on former co-workers live on camera. Was he motivated by racism? Where's Sharpton? Will Obama talk to the families of the victims? Probably not. Oh ya, the shooter was black. Jorge Ramos just won't just up at a Trump press conference. He gets escorted out.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 8/25/15 - () 15.71 MB
Obama says you are crazy if you disagree with him on the Iran deal. Americans want a LEADER. Donald Trump sounds like a leader, this is why he is in the lead. Jeb Bush criticizes Trump's immigration plan while blaming Asians for the birthright citizenship problem. He never mentions the anchor babies from illegals. Why not??

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 8/24/15 - () 11.26 MB
Donald Trump has a message for you about China. Jack Lew said that China's economy wouldn't affect world markets. What an idiot. Trump is widening his lead over Bush in recent polls. Jeb Bush said he would "look at" the Iran deal, not rip it up. Apparently he hasn't even read it yet.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 8/21/15 - () 11.96 MB
Hillary's spokespeople still maintain she dealt with classified info on hard copy only. They must not have gotten the email about the classified emails. Plus the liberal media says using the term "anchor-baby" is offensive. Pretty soon we won't be able to talk at all.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 8/20/15 - () 12.98 MB
Now there's a secret side deal that allows Iran to inspect itself at a key nuclear site! Seriously! A wall itself won't enforce immigration laws. We need the federal govt to provide enough resources to do this.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 8/19/15 - () 11.69 MB
Hillary claims she doesn't understand how servers work. What a liar. A new CNN Poll says Trump is competitive vs. Hillary. Why are people still voting for Hillary? You don't need to change the 14th Amendment, you need to define the jurisdiction of the U.S. That can be done by Congress.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 8/18/15 - () 9.33 MB
Trump is leading in a recent poll of Latino voters. He is beating out Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. What does that tell you about Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio? Not EVERY Latino wants amnesty! Hillary Clinton's ship is sinking fast. Will other dems enter the race?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast 8/17/15 - () 13.57 MB
Bernie Sanders is a tax and spend liberal; he's not much different than Obama. We tried this strategy and it hasn't worked. George Will compares some GOP candidates to George Wallace. Not a good comparison. Trump has it right on immigration and the American people agree with him.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 08/13/2015 - () 11.14 MB
Kerry: Iran Can Violate Parts of the Nuclear Deal Without Really Violating the Nuclear Deal - Iran has more UN resolutions against it than ever before, yet the UN does nothing. What is the point of the UN? Plus the US has a record of 42 million immigrants in the nation. We need to halt immigration until we can fix the economy and get natural born Americans decent paying jobs.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 08/12/2015 - () 13.27 MB
John Kerry's latest lie: Rejection of Iran deal will lead to U.S. Dollar not being the world’s reserve currency. This has nothing to do with sanctions on Iran. Plus The FBI is investigating Hillary's server, not her. Its not the server's fault, or is it? Rand Paul says he would never send US Troops to fight in the middle east. Really? Never?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 08/11/2015 - () 12.72 MB
Iran is doing business with Russia. What are they dealing? Weapons, missiles and even missile defense. All of this should violate the so-called agreement. But Obama won't do anything about it. Trump is doing well because he is NOT a politician. People are tired of politicians. Plus Hillary wants to pay for all of her plans by taxing the rich. As if that has worked so well in the past 6-7 years.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 08/10/2015 - () 14.14 MB
Carly Fiorina says income inequality is worse under progressive policies and she is right. She should have been in the prime time debate. Fox News went after Trump during the debate. It didn't seem fair that he had the toughest questions to answer. Meanwhile they were soft on Jeb Bush. Makes us wonder who was responsible for that.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 08/06/2015 - () 15.04 MB
Obama says he has sent troops to fight in 7 countries. We can't seem to figure out which 7 these are. Also, Obama is still trying to sell the Iran deal to people who aren't buying it. Iran is not going to honor this deal. They are already violating it. Hillary Clinton's southern accent returns! Its funny how RICH democrats talk about income inequality when they themselves are in the top 1%.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 08/05/2015 - () 7.92 MB
Why do we need to fund PlannedParenthood when everyone has Obamacare? Because the Planned Parenthood Action Fund gives money to democrats, that's why. And they can't live without their money.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 08/04/2015 - () 10.76 MB
Elizabeth Warren is ignorant and a hypocrite. Planned Parenthood isn't free health care for women. It isn't primarily used for women's health check ups. The majority of women who go there, go there for one thing: Abortions.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 08/03/2015 - () 10.14 MB
New Rasmussen Poll shows Trump way ahead of his rivals for the GOP nomination. Will Hillary be prosecuted? Will Joe Biden run? Good questions.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/31/2015 - () 14.17 MB
Iran isn't going to change their ways when the nuke deal is implemented? Bernie Sanders says no to open borders, but yes to amnesty. He offers no plan to secure the border either.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/30/2015 - () 11.14 MB
Donald Trump leads Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in Florida. Hillary is losing ground in all polls. Biden is biding his time. Still 10 for the Fox debate? Or will it be more?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/28/2015 - () 8.39 MB
America is fiscally bankrupt AND morally bankrupt. Immigration 'surge' continues, 30,000 expected, U.N. calls illegals refugees.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/27/2015 - () 10.41 MB
John Kerry said he told Iran to stop the Death to America chants. Ya right. Obama says he wants more gun control, even though the cities with the strictest gun laws have more gun related crime.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/24/2015 - () 9.93 MB
NY Times changes parts of a story on Hillary at her request. This is very disturbing. Lanny Davis isn't worried about Clinton's poll numbers. Well, he should be.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/23/2015 - () 10.78 MB
Poll shows Hillary losing to Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker in swing states. That is not good news for her. Iran vows to buy Weapons Anytime, Anywhere - There's the anytime anywhere we were promised!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/22/2015 - () 12.31 MB
Ted Cruz schools ICE director Sarah Saldana on illegal immigrant criminals. It's very disturbing that the director of ICE doesn't care about enforcing the law. Plus families who lost loved ones at the hands of illegals testify at the same Senate hearing. Do politicians really care about AMERICANS?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/21/2015 - () 11.71 MB
Planned Parenthood exec. caught on camera talking about baby part pricing. Yet PP still denies it sells tissue. What a bunch of liars. Martin O'Malley says climate change created ISIS. Wow. And this guy wants to be your next president.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/17/2015 - () 12.31 MB
Chattanooga shooting being investigated as terrorism. Why are there gun free zones at our military installations? All soldiers should carry a weapon. Plus Rick Perry attacks Donald Trump on immigration, not knowing that Trump was talking about ILLEGAL immigration. Perhaps Rick needs to look at his own poll numbers. Its not lookin' good. He might not even make the first debate.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/16/2015 - () 12.77 MB
FLASHBACK to 1994 when Bill Clinton announced the nuke deal with North Korea. That really worked out well didn't it? There are similarities. Obama admits politicians lie to sell their policies to people. Plus: Why is Bruce Jenner getting an ESPY for changing into a woman? How is that courageous?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/15/2015 - () 10.36 MB
The White House says it never called for Anytime, Anywhere inspections in Iran. This is a lie. Back in the spring it did. Many democrats are not happy with this deal. They need to be more vocal. Hillary snubs a MSNBC reporter when asked about the Iran deal.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/14/2015 - () 7.92 MB
The deal with Iran is not a deal, its a concession. We get NOTHING in return. What a waste. This is the biggest foreign policy blunder in the history of the USA.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/13/2015 - () 10.96 MB
Iran says if the nuclear deal doesn't go through it's not their fault. Ya right. Plus Scott calls out David Brooks on illegal immigration. Not every illegal is here to work.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/10/2015 - () 8.24 MB
While other candidates denounce Trump, he takes the lead in many polls. People want to hear someone tell it like it is. They don't want political correctness.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/09/2015 - () 12.75 MB
The city of San Francisco is responsible for responsible for Kate Steinle's death. Congress is looking into "Kate's Law" - will this law go far enough? A podcast host asks Bernie Sanders if a president should apologize for slavery. Yes, we are still talking about something that happened so long ago. Never mind the fact that not one soul in this country is responsible for slavery. MTV's White People documentary hosted by illegal immigrant discriminates against white people. Where is the outrage? Maybe ICE will investigate the documentary's host?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/08/2015 - () 9.89 MB
Donald Trump's message on illegal immigration is starting to resonate. Chris Matthews admits democrats want to legalize illegals for votes.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/07/2015 - () 10.87 MB
Josh Earnest blames Republicans for Obama's failures on securing the border. Local cities should not decide their own immigration policy. San Francisco's sanctuary city laws are responsible for Kate Steinle's death.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/06/2015 - () 7.84 MB
San Francisco murder by 5-time deported illegal finally draws main stream media networks attention. Donald Trump weighs in via Fox and Friends. Why won't liberals let law enforcement and immigration enforcement do their job?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/02/2015 - () 12.54 MB
Donald Trump talks about his illegal immigration comments on CNN. Facts: According to ICE, Texas has deported more than 2,000 sex offenders every year over the past three years. Donald is right, someone is doing the raping. Guess who?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 07/01/2015 - () 9.44 MB
Despite denials, White House aides knew about Hillary's private e-mail accounts. Jorge Ramos interviews Ted Cruz but doesn't let him answer questions... typical.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/30/2015 - () 12.49 MB
Hillary Clinton failed to turn over ALL Benghazi emails! Scott explains Donald Trump's statement on Mexico. Plus the US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/29/2015 - () 14.71 MB
It has begun: City threatens to arrest ministers who refuse to perform same-sex weddings. Plus here's what Bernie Sanders stands for.... Socialism.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/26/2015 - () 17.57 MB
Bobby Jindal is running for president. Can he gather the momentum needed to get the votes to win primaries? The Supreme Court rules 5-4 on gay marriage. Is this going to lead the way to more law suits against Christians?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/25/2015 - () 15.03 MB
Obamacare will stay according to the Supreme Court. The political correctness around the Confederate flag has starting to go too far. Apple is banning Civil War game apps now.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/24/2015 - () 10.67 MB
Hillary Clinton says schools are more segregated now than in the 1960's. Hillary is smoking something from the 60's. The US wants to give Iran a reactor that won't produce as much material to make a bomb. How many more concessions in a deal that is already doomed?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/23/2015 - () 12.43 MB
Jon Stewart complains we aren't doing anything to stop killings like the one in Charleston. But he offers no solution! Typical liberal. 61% of South Carolinians want to keep the Confederate Flag on the state house.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/22/2015 - () 11.3 MB
Just as we predicted: Obama now wants to appoint a CZAR to deal with Iran. The Pope is still carrying on about climate change. He needs to stick to Catholicism. Obama thinks gun control would save a few lives. Concealed Carry and gun ownership save thousands of lives a day.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/19/2015 - () 11.68 MB
State Rep. Todd Rutherford blames Fox News for racist killings. Says there are coded messages in their programming. Wow. Now we've heard everything. When are people going to start talking about mental illness when it comes to these crimes?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/18/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Rachel Dolezal has opened up a whole new term for liberals to use. Trans-Racial. What she is, is a liar and she was caught, now she is famous. How convenient. $20 says she gets a reality show. It will be called "TRANS Rachel"

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/17/2015 - () 10.25 MB
Donald Trump makes it official. Fox News panel laughs at some of Trump's comments. Not sure illegal immigration and border enforcement are laughing matters. Will Trump's message resonate? Yes it will.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/15/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Hillary's campaign manager thinks Americans trust Hillary. Hillary Clinton's motto: Fake It Until You Make It. Unfortunately we don't need another person who fakes it in the White House, we've already had that for 6 years.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/12/2015 - () 12.5 MB
The House shoots down the trade bill. Carly Fiorina has a new LONG video ad against Hillary. We hope they cut it up into some smaller mini ads.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/11/2015 - () 13.17 MB
Lincoln Chafee has the answer to all of our country's problems: Change to the Metric system!! The world will love us after we do that! No name MSNBC guests dis Jerry Seinfeld as a billionaire bigot. So according to MSNBC if you're successful, that's a bad thing.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/10/2015 - () 10.61 MB
Do political candidates need a lot of foreign policy experience? Plus Jerry Seinfeld says "Creepy" political correctness really bothers him. And it should. Is it even possible for comedians to make jokes without offending anyone? People are too easily offended.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/09/2015 - () 10.06 MB
Why is everyone obsessed with the Duggars' problems? Plus Al Sharpton was called a PIMP for taking money from poor people in Hartford.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/08/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Clearly the Iraqi army is losing. Obama has no plan to battle ISIS. Scott Walker's answer to the question of how to fight ISIS is confusing.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/05/2015 - () 17.83 MB
Marie Harf says don't worry about Iran's nuclear stockpile... this is is frightening. Hillary Clinton has jumped on the voting rights bandwagon. She doesn't say anything about VOTER FRAUD which has plagued the last several elections. These fraudulent votes were all for democrats. What say you about that Hillary?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/04/2015 - () 6.82 MB
Obama takes the military option off the table when it comes to Iran. A new IAEA report announced, "Iran has not suspended all of its enrichment related activities." And they will not, ever.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/03/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Marie Harf is being promoted? Wow, how do I work in the State Dept? You can make horrible mistakes and get a promotion! Well that promotion/job may be short lived. Plus: where are the protests and community leaders in Baltimore? 28 homicides in one month in Baltimore. Black lives matter? Not to Rev. Al. unless there's political gain or money to be made.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/02/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Poll: A big majority of Americans think that Hillary is NOT trustworthy. This is bad news for Hillary. CBS News reports on the effects of sanctions on the Iranian people as if to say the US is the bad guys here for imposing them.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 06/01/2015 - () 8.93 MB
The Senate fails to pass the USA Freedom Act. David Brooks says Obama has had a scandal free presidency. Ya right! Iran says it will not allow inspections of its nuclear sites. What's the point of this deal?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/29/2015 - () 10.5 MB
Hillary brings back the southern accent in S. Carolina. Plus we talk about the hypocrisy of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/28/2015 - () 13.59 MB
ISIS, in some form, would still exist even if we didn't go into Iraq. But would they be as large as they are now? Had we left a residual force in Iraq they wouldn't have half the country under their control. Rand Paul thinks he has the answers. Not sure any politician has the answer. Plus abortion worker "proud" of job where "Tiny Arms and Legs" float in 'baking pans'

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/27/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Nancy Pelosi says we need to defeat ISIS on social media. She considers it a 'front' in the war on them. Wow. The trouble with Rand Paul is.... listen to find out.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/26/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Obama says he is the first Jewish president. Ya right... Plus The Baltimore bloodshed continues; 29 Shot, 9 dead over holiday weekend - Where are the cops? Too afraid to do anything... The DOJ will think they are racist.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/22/2015 - () 12.01 MB
The Best of the Scott Rogers Show

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/21/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Obama says, if you're in the military, denying Climate Change "Dereliction Of Duty" A focus group in Iowa cannot think of one thing Hillary has done as Sec. of State. They make it clear that they are ignorant when it comes to politics and the state of our nation. Frightening.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/20/2015 - () 10.79 MB
Josh Earnest doesn't think the Fall Of Ramadi is a big deal. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has no respect for the immigration laws in this country.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/19/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Obama's domestic policy has failed and he knows it. CNN asks Rand Paul what he would do if ISIS entered Baghdad, his response? Airstrikes. Oh yeah that will stop them.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/18/2015 - () 13.2 MB
Chris Wallace grills Marco Rubio on Iraq, immigration. Rubio says he still believes amnesty is the way to go. Red flag - do not vote for this man.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/15/2015 - () 9.71 MB
Jeb Bush keeps flip flopping on his support for the Iraq war. Barack Obama says he doesn't expect Americans to support the Iran deal until they've read it. Ya right we've heard that before.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/14/2015 - () 8.89 MB
Obama also said a private school education leads to "an anti-government ideology." Interesting considering he went to private schools and his kids attend private school. Plus Alan Colmes says the FBI should investigate the Clinton Foundation.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/13/2015 - () 12.08 MB
Actor Sean Astin thinks Hillary cares about poor people. His brain is stuck in Middle Earth. Obama admits there has been an effort to make people angry at the top 1% income earners in the country. Ya, he has lead this effort. Plus The Govt's hidden taxes in plain sight.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/12/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Jeb Bush says he would make Obama's executive amnesty part of his immigration bill. That's reason #1 why you shouldn't vote for him. Why do democrat politicians talk about income inequality when the majority of them are in the top 1% of income earners in this country?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/11/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Loretta Lynch announces an investigation in Baltimore. She wants to find out if Baltimore police officers are violating the Constitution. She should look closer to home, try 1600 Pennsylvania ave. That's where the Constitution gets violated daily. Plus Obama touts the unemployment number. What a salesman!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/08/2015 - () 14.31 MB
The govt. says the unemployment rate is 5.4%. Tell that to the 93 million Americans who are not in the work force. Plus are news networks devoting too much time to police misconduct?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/06/2015 - () 12.67 MB
Hillary wants to give amnesty to everyone it seems. AND She doesn't mention anything about enforcing the border! Is there any democrat who can challenge her?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/05/2015 - () 8.73 MB
Bad neighborhoods produce more crime thus producing a larger police presence and more arrests leading to more possible mistakes. Plus MSNBC's Michelle Bernard clearly knows nothing about Ben Carson.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/04/2015 - () 8.93 MB
What prompted Marilyn Mosby to bring charges against the police officers in the Freddie Gray arrest so quickly? Political motivation? Is her political career on the line? Racial bias? Maybe...

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 05/01/2015 - () 10.61 MB
6 police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray. Since when is the word "THUG" a racist term? Plus Larry Flynt endorses Hillary!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/30/2015 - () 9.71 MB
CNN's Marc Lamont Hill says police officers are an 'occupying force in the hood' Ya the hood he doesn't live in. MSNBC guest compares gay marriage to interned Japanese-Americans during World War II... that is just ridiculous. But hey its MSNBC!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/29/2015 - () 14.86 MB
Senator McConnell promised to oppose any nominee for Attorney General who supports "the President acting unilaterally on immigration." He LIED! Plus Obama weighs in on the Baltimore Riots and former NFL Ray Lewis tells rioters to GO HOME!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/28/2015 - () 11.89 MB
More riots! This time in Baltimore. Well when there's no work people will do anything to keep busy.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/27/2015 - () 11.63 MB
Clinton lover Stephanopoulos aggressively questions Peter Schweizer over "Clinton Cash" - But asks no questions about the book itself. Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday asks specific questions about the book like an interviewer should when a guest is on your show promoting a book.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/24/2015 - () 12.38 MB
Hillary Clinton has some explaining to do regarding the donations to her foundation. Plus - Who cares about Bruce Jenner's transformation. How is this newsworthy?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/23/2015 - () 8.69 MB
Why does it matter to MSNBC that one of Ben Affleck's distant relatives owned slaves?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/22/2015 - () 10.29 MB
Jon Karl grills Josh Earnest and Earnest doesn't answer the question.. Plus Hillary Clinton proves she knows nothing about privatizing Social Security.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/20/2015 - () 11.06 MB
Is homo-sexuality a choice? Marco Rubio says it is NOT for the 'majority' of people. Whatever that means. Dem Rep. Adam Schiff: When Ayatollah chants "Death To America" one "could read that in a couple of ways" -- Is he kidding? Nope!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/17/2015 - () 10.35 MB
Russell Brand deconstructs Hillary's "Propaganda" Campaign Video, pretty well actually.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/16/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Obama touts his cutting of the deficit, but in reality the national DEBT under him has nearly doubled. A $500 billion budget deficit over a decade doesn't help our debt problems.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/15/2015 - () 8.93 MB
It sounds like Debbie Wasserman Schultz thinks its ok to abort a baby in the 3rd trimester. You be the judge. Plus a new anti-Hillary ad is making waves.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/14/2015 - () 10.42 MB
Obama takes a shot at Israel and misquotes Emerson during a press briefing. CNN's Brook Baldwin is all upset none of the GOP candidates for president will come on CNN.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/13/2015 - () 10.83 MB
Hillary: "Everyday Americans need a champion" How is she an every day American with all her millions? 60% of Democrats are looking elsewhere. How does Rand Paul differ from his father on foreign policy? We talk about it.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/09/2015 - () 11.09 MB
Rep. James Clyburn blames the American Legislative Exchange Council (not the cop) for the killing of Walter Scott. He also blames them for voter ID laws and unfair redistricting plans. But he gives no examples of what ALEC has done wrong.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/08/2015 - () 8.56 MB
Here come the liberal news media attack dogs! Will Rand Paul's past statements hurt him politically?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/07/2015 - () 12.29 MB
Rand Paul is running for President. Obama admits Iran nuclear deal only delays inevitable!!!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/06/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Surprise, Surprise: Iran’s Persian statement on ‘deal’ contradicts Obama’s claims. Feinstein wants Netanyahu to shut up. Too bad for her.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/03/2015 - () 11.04 MB
Obama is so excited about the framework for the Iran deal that he forgot to tell the American people that its a bunch of lies.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/02/2015 - () 11.28 MB
Howard Dean says Netanyahu discredited himself. This from Howard Dean... 16-year-old club volleyball player, family sue team over playing time -- seriously!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 04/01/2015 - () 8.93 MB
Chris Matthews says that because there were nuns at the signing of Indiana's RFRA law that means its anti-gay. Heritage's Ryan Anderson spars with Ed Schultz on Indiana's RFRA; gets mic cut -- No wonder MSNBC's ratings are still in free fall.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/31/2015 - () 14.38 MB
Obama says we need to follow Ted Kennedy's example. Ya lets all get drunk and drive off a bridge and kill someone. CNN's Dana Bash attacks Ted Cruz on his experience comparing him to Obama.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/30/2015 - () 14.38 MB
The point of RFRA is not to discriminate against gay Americans. It is supposed to prevent the government from discriminating against religious Americans. But gay rights organizations don't seem to see that. They themselves are discriminating against religious businesses by suing them.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/27/2015 - () 13.04 MB editor Jamilah Lemieux says "nothing says let's go kill some Muslims like country music." What a moron. U.S. Caves to key Iranian demands, wow what a surprise. Obama off to play golf again. Luis Gutierrez shouted off stage at tiny illegal immigration event at USC. Ohhh poor Luis..

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/26/2015 - () 8.41 MB
Jen Psaki on Bowe Bergdahl Trade: "Was It Worth It? Absolutely" Meanwhile our deal with Qatar to track the former Taliban prisoners runs out in 2 months. Nice.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/25/2015 - () 10.49 MB
The State Dept is still dodging questions when it comes to Iran. Why is Obama snubbing the new Secretary General of NATO?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/24/2015 - () 10.34 MB
There's confirmation of Obama meddling with the Israeli election. Ted Cruz announces he is running for president. Pro-illegal immigrant groups are going nuts. Too bad for them. Its time we ENFORCE our laws.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/23/2015 - () 9.98 MB
Democrats are getting annoyed at Obama regarding the Iran deal. It's about time.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/20/2015 - () 10.07 MB
Obama sends a video to the Iranian people and leadership regarding the nuclear deal. Where is the solidarity message to Israel? Nowhere to be seen or heard.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/19/2015 - () 8.67 MB
Obama wants to bypass Israel and go to the UN regarding the Palestinian state. Something is wrong with this picture. Is Obama anti-semitic? Could be....

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/18/2015 - () 11.32 MB
Sean Penn proves he knows nothing. Why isn't Congress pressing Obama on Iran's human rights violations?? Why aren't these violations being mentioned during negotiations for this 'deal'???

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/17/2015 - () 10.35 MB
CBS News compares Iranian hardliners with Republicans. Obama thinks by invading Iraq we created ISIS.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/16/2015 - () 8.93 MB
The Obama administration is still ticked off about the letter that senators sent to Iran. Are they angry because they know the deal is bogus or are they angry because it makes them look bad, or both?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/13/2015 - () 11.4 MB
Just how bogus is the Justice Dept's Ferguson report? Big time. We talk about it.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/12/2015 - () 7.26 MB
Dems are upset about the letter 47 Senators sent to Iran. Some say it violated the Logan Act. Scott gives a list of some democrats who seem to have violated it themselves over the years and nobody said anything.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/11/2015 - () 8.56 MB
Hillary's press conference was a complete waste of time. Nothing new was revealed. Questions were setup before hand by her staff. Not very transparent. Bill Clinton doesn't use email, but according to Hillary he does. Whoops!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/10/2015 - () 8.56 MB
Obama clearly lied about knowing which email address Hillary Clinton sent emails from. James Carville calls the NY Times right wing!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/09/2015 - () 10.52 MB
Liberals are starting to wonder if the White House knew that Hillary was using a private email address. Colin Powell says parts of the GOP are racist but won't say who. Typical.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/06/2015 - () 12.53 MB
How is it possible that nobody knew Hillary was using a private email address? Was her email address masked to look like a State Dept. email address? Why all the secrecy?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/05/2015 - () 8.44 MB
Iran's foreign minister calls for annihilation of Israel during an interview with NBC's Ann Curry. NBC buries the story and only posts part of the interview on their website.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/04/2015 - () 7.05 MB
Dems applaud Netanyahu during his speech then criticize him during press conferences after the speech. Talk about hypocrites.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/03/2015 - () 16.44 MB
Obama calls Netanyahu's speech a distraction. Dem Rep. Yarmuth and some other Dems should be ashamed of themselves for lashing out at Netanyahu after this speech. Where is the respect for a leader of one of our most trusted allies?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 03/02/2015 - () 10.85 MB
Rand Paul gave a great speech at CPAC. John Kerry still thinks the Obama administration is helping Israel by making this deal with Iran.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/27/2015 - () 11.22 MB
John Kerry says we are living in a world with less threats. However James Clapper, director of National Intel says When the final counting is done, 2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism in the 45 years such a data has been compiled. Who do you believe?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/26/2015 - () 10.61 MB
Melissa Harris Perry's speech does NOT commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. at all. John Kerry questions Netanyahu's judgement when he really should question his own.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/25/2015 - () 7.59 MB
Does Rep. John Lewis really think Giuliani is a racist for his comments about Obama? Give us a break. Enough of the race card already.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/24/2015 - () 15.01 MB
Obama's Nuke Deal: Iran gets bomb in 10 years. We get nothing. How is that a deal? Obama thinks he's created more jobs than any other president recently. Scott proves him wrong.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/23/2015 - () 11.24 MB
Another boring Oscars. Stephanie Miller: Giuliani's comments about Obama akin to the N-word and the C-word --- What the hell is she talking about? 2008: Obama said Bush is unpatriotic for increasing the national debt so much. Obama must be unpatriotic as well as he has doubled it.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/20/2015 - () 10.96 MB
Giuliani Doubles Down on Obama Comments: "I Do Not Withdraw My Words" - Good! Why does Obama hate America? We don't know the real reason but he certainly does.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/19/2015 - () 11.61 MB
Jeh Johnson: The Administration Must "Give Voice To The Plight Of Muslims" - No he's not kidding. American Muslims don't need your help Jeh. Plus- Obama is frustrating conservative and liberal commentators alike by being so politically correct.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/18/2015 - () 13.61 MB
Marie Harf thinks that providing jobs for potential terrorists will stop terrorism! Newsflash for Marie: You will never stop terrorism at its root cause, it will always exist as long as there are people on this earth.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/17/2015 - () 12.12 MB
Liberal democrats are now going against Obama's policies concerning ISIS. 58% of Americans disapproving of how the Obama administration is dealing with the terrorist threat. Obama still doesn't seem to care.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/16/2015 - () 15.45 MB
SNL's 40th Anniversary Special was a bit long...but funny at times. Plus The sister of slain UNC Muslim student: It's "Open Season" against Islam; American Sniper "Dehumanizes" Muslims - How does American Sniper dehumanize Muslims? We doubt this girl even saw the movie.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/13/2015 - () 12.19 MB
Howard Dean thinks that if you don't go to college you're dumb. He also thinks that if you don't believe in evolution that you're stupid. Plus Joe Biden calls out to his 'butt buddy' in Iowa.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/12/2015 - () 12.58 MB
If illegals get social security numbers they will be able to claim tax credits for the last 3 years even if they didn't file taxes! They could get upwards of $24000 (per person)! Talk about bankrupting the country!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/11/2015 - () 14.08 MB
More damage control by the White House on Obama's terrorism remarks. Plus in the pop culture segment, who the hell keeps letting Kanye West on stage at award shows?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/10/2015 - () 7.91 MB
Politico's John Harris has already decided that Hillary Clinton will be president in 2017. Barack Obama still thinks Iran will make a deal when it comes to its nuclear ambition. What a moron!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/09/2015 - () 8.56 MB
Joe Scarborough goes off on Obama's prayer breakfast speech. Jim Clifton (kind of) back peddles about unemployment facts because he's scared Obama might come after him?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/06/2015 - () 9.06 MB
Obama insults Christians at Prayer Breakfast. Doesn't know world or US History which itself is unacceptable as he is the President of the United States!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/05/2015 - () 12.83 MB
Jeb Bush thinks we need more immigrants in our country. What about the people who are here now who are out of work, Jeb? Obama refuses to meet with Netanyahu when he is here in March. Why does Obama keep snubbing Israel's leaders?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/04/2015 - () 12.99 MB
Obama does not have the will to fight ISIS where it matters, on the ground. Experts say it will take years to train the Iraqis to fight ISIS. What happened to all the training we supposedly provided before we left? Did it actually happen or not?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/03/2015 - () 13.48 MB
Obama thinks we are in a strong position. Biden doesn't. Democrats are not in a strong position. Obama downplays terrorism on CNN.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 02/02/2015 - () 10.02 MB
More lip syncing at the Super Bowl! Can't they get someone who actually performs and sings for real to play there? Lindsey Grahamnesty wants to run for president in 2016. Great another NON-Conservative throws their hat into the ring.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/30/2015 - () 9.89 MB
Code Pink tries to arrest Henry Kissinger on war crimes... what a bunch of idiots. Detainee swapped for Bergdahl suspected of militant activities, what a surprise. News: Mitt Romney is NOT running for president in 2016.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/29/2015 - () 10.07 MB
Loretta Lynch says illegals should have the same work privileges as regular Americans. Not good for a possible Attorney General to say that. John Boehner says he was the tea party before there was the tea party. What Happened?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/28/2015 - () 10.59 MB
Obamacare is going to cost you $1.35 trillion over the next decade. Taxes and fees alone are not going to pay for it! Plus: Too many people are claiming disability for 'mood disorders'

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/27/2015 - () 8.56 MB
The Obama administration is still touting their phony unemployment number. Nothing Obama has done in the past 6 years has helped middle class families.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/26/2015 - () 10.1 MB
Is Iran slowly taking over the Middle East? Plus: Obama is obsessed with Iran and ignoring the rest of the Middle East.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/23/2015 - () 12.52 MB
Tom Brady compares his deflated balls dilemma to ISIS. Joe Biden says he might challenge Hillary. New show feature: The Soundbite Montage! And BIG companies are laying off thousands. How can the economy be getting better?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/22/2015 - () 11.61 MB
Whoopi Goldberg Slams Seth Rogen and Michael Moore's Criticism of American Sniper. Dems are questioning Obama's motives when it comes to Iran and Islamic extremism.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/21/2015 - () 13.76 MB
The State of our Union is not strong as Obama says. Scott analyzes the president's speech on today's podcast. Check out the snazzy new intro!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/20/2015 - () 9.34 MB
Left Winger Jeremy Scahill thinks cable news terror analysts are making money of fear mongering. Apparently this guy has nothing better to do. A protest shuts down a freeway south of Boston last week. Ambulances had to be diverted to other hospitals. Are these protests getting out of hand?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/19/2015 - () 13.04 MB
Why are people crying racism when it comes to the Academy Award nominations? So you got snubbed, get over it. Maybe you weren't THAT good. Many people are going to get an Obamacare surprise on their tax return this year, are you one of them? California girls high school basketball coach suspended after 161-2 victory - Suspend/Fire the losing coach for not doing his job.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/16/2015 - () 8.56 MB
John Kerry brings James Taylor to perform in France. Why? -- Also Obama says he is going to veto "hostile" bills from Congress including a bill that issues more sanctions on "hostile" Iran. What side does he play for?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/15/2015 - () 9.77 MB
Was John Boehner's speech on the floor of the House just for show? Does the GOP leadership have other plans to cave to Obama to allow amnesty? Very possible.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/14/2015 - () 11.4 MB
Obama's summit on violent extremism will have nothing to do with terrorism? Plus Showtime is thinking of getting rid of the 'Muslim Extremist' element in "Homeland." Boom, terrorists win again.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/13/2015 - () 10.62 MB
What was Obama doing on Sunday? Probably watching football. He had no interest in attending the rally in Paris when he wouldn't have been center stage. Plus Josh Earnest's political correctness.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/12/2015 - () 10.72 MB
Huge rally in Paris, over 40 heads of state there. Who does the US send? Eric Holder. And he doesn't even attend the rally. Plus - Why doesn't France arm their police officers?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/09/2015 - () 10.58 MB
New jobs report shows the unemployment rate has fallen, but there are still 93,000,000 Americans not in the workforce. Something doesn't add up. Plus Obama wants to give 2 FREE years of community college to students. How the heck does he plan to pay for that?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/08/2015 - () 8.56 MB
Politically Correct Howard Dean says we need to stop referencing terrorist's religion. The State Dept. has no information on the 53 political prisoners that are supposed to be released by Cuba.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/07/2015 - () 10.52 MB
Steve Scalise never attended a white supremacist event. He spoke earlier in the day at the same hotel. Politico needs to print a retraction. Also John Boehner takes revenge on those who voted against him for Speaker. Not nice John.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/06/2015 - () 8.1 MB
Al Sharpton uses 'racism' as a tool to con money out of corporations. Basically they pay him to shut up. How does this help the African-American community?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/05/2015 - () 8.56 MB
Polls show Republicans want a new Speaker of the House. Louis Gohmert Is Challenging Boehner For Speaker.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/02/2015 - () 8.56 MB
When is it legal for police to search your vehicle? Are Maryland troopers being told to search out of state cars for guns? Scott talks about it.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 01/01/2015 - () 7.97 MB
The Best of The Scott Rogers Show

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/31/2014 - () 10.29 MB
The Best of The Scott Rogers Show

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/30/2014 - () 7.79 MB
More proof that immigration laws are not being enforced. Illegals never show up to hearings and disappear into the USA. Our weak immigration policy puts them in the 'shadows'

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/29/2014 - () 7.77 MB
Why is the US still negotiating with IRAN on its nuclear program? Negotiating with Islamo-fascist regimes is futile.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/23/2014 - () 7.09 MB
Puff piece on Eric Holder on MSNBC - No tough questions asked of Holder at all. Joy Reid shouldn't even be called a journalist.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/22/2014 - () 8.56 MB
The main stream media is at fault for fueling racial tensions in America and now 2 cops in NYC are dead. Plus Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik: de Blasio, Sharpton "Have Blood On Their Hands"

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/19/2014 - () 7.97 MB
"The View" has an argument about racism. How festive. Scott breaks down what the word racism truly means and why its confused so often with prejudice and stereotyping.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/18/2014 - () 9.38 MB
Live from Havana its the Barack Obama show! Obama wants to 'normalize' relations with Cuba. Maybe its a communist thing. Is Obama communist? You be the judge.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/17/2014 - () 8.57 MB
Ted Cruz shouldn't apologize. But was the up or down vote on executive amnesty needed right now? More MSNBC immaturity: Chris Matthews calls Cruz a balloon head.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/16/2014 - () 9.07 MB
Is MSNBC's Alex Wagner and other liberals siding with the terrorists? Sure seems that way. Newsflash for you Alex, waterboarding was approved by the DOJ, in fact it was scaled down by the CIA according to Dr. James Mitchell.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/15/2014 - () 8.56 MB
Dick Cheney Calls Out Chuck Todd For Taking Cheap Shots On CIA Report. CBS Claims Americans 'Divided' Over CIA Interrogations, But Only 36% Oppose. Elizabeth Warren is NOT running for President.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/12/2014 - () 10.14 MB
Boehner lied. Pelosi cried. Help Wanted: New Leadership in Congress. Apply within.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/11/2014 - () 10.89 MB
Josh Earnest dances around the question, again. Jose Rodriguez: Obama Does Not Have "Fortitude" To Capture Terrorists, "Disgraceful What They're Saying"

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/10/2014 - () 8.76 MB
Joan Walsh from thinks terrorists care about the Geneva convention and other rules of war. She is just another know-it-all liberal who knows nothing when it comes to protecting Americans from violent terrorist attacks.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/09/2014 - () 8.56 MB
Ann Compton on Obama: He Launches 'Profanity-Laced' Tirades Against Press and Peter Schiff discusses the new jobs reports.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/08/2014 - () 7.19 MB
The White House will not answer questions regarding possible sanctions on Israel. Typical.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/05/2014 - () 10.57 MB
Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: White House "Fanning The Flames Of Racial Discord" - The media continues to fan the flames as well.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/04/2014 - () 9.39 MB
Lou Barletta schools Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson on amnesty and what it will do to our country.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/03/2014 - () 8.94 MB
Is Boehner going to fund Obama's amnesty? It sure sounds like it. Obama says he "changed the law" in regards to immigration. Josh Earnest says Obama didn't mean what he said. Yeah right.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/02/2014 - () 8.11 MB
Charles Barkley: Ferguson Grand Jury Got it Right, Looters Are Scumbags, Media never reports black on black crime or positive stories about black people. He is right. And more people should speak out like Charles.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 12/01/2014 - () 10.05 MB
Race relations are at an all time low. Yet NBC will still not admit Obama is at fault. Rudy Giuliani: Darren Wilson Case Never Should Have Gone To A Grand Jury

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/28/2014 - () 8.3 MB
Is the media responsible for the riots in Ferguson and other parts of the country? Is it possible to get an impartial jury anymore?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/26/2014 - () 12.4 MB
NBC legal analyst says that the word "Charge" is racist. No seriously, she said that take a listen. None of the major NEWS networks report the black on black crime in other cities, they only stick to the stories that gives them ratings and incite riots.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/25/2014 - () 11.28 MB
The riots in Missouri are not about race or even Michael Brown's death. They are using it as an excuse to loot and destroy property.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/24/2014 - () 10.26 MB
Obama: Americans Want "New Car Smell" In Next President, not the BO in the old one. PBS Newshour tackles the immigration debate, kind of.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/21/2014 - () 8.56 MB
The Emperor has spoken! Now its up to Congress to defund Obama's plan and/or take action against this abuse of power. What is this amnesty going to do to job market? Its certainly not going to improve the job situation.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/20/2014 - () 8.21 MB
Obama is set to announce his illegal amnesty executive action that has no hope of enforcing our laws or the border. What will the American people's reaction be? Or did they already react by voting?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/19/2014 - () 10.26 MB
Obama condemns the attacks at a synagogue in Israel but fails to mention that the attackers were Palestinian and the victims were Jewish. Netanyhau to Obama: "Iran Is Not Your Ally. Iran Is Not Your Friend. Iran Is Your Enemy."

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/18/2014 - () 9.37 MB
What else is going to come out about Obamacare?? The only thing transparent about Obama is his lack of intelligence.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/17/2014 - () 9.32 MB
Rep. Luis Gutierrez say Obama Has Already "Attempted" To Work With Republicans On Immigration, Scott asks WHEN? Chris Matthews: Obama Will Negotiate With Iran, But Not With Republicans on Immigration.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/14/2014 - () 9.78 MB
More lies exposed about Obamacare. Yet the WH says they are transparent. What a bunch of B.S. Obama was behind all the decisions to lie to the American people, once again.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/13/2014 - () 8.56 MB
King Obama wants to give illegals 500,000 tech jobs? What about AMERICAN WORKERS? This guy hates America! His executive action is unconstitutional and will never be funded by Congress.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/12/2014 - () 10.12 MB
Sen. Angus King clearly doesn't understand Obamacare. Jonathan Gruber admits to lying, and calls the American people 'stupid'

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/11/2014 - () 10.95 MB
Pat Caddell: Obama A "Raging Narcissist Who Has No Grip On Reality" Plus is Chris Matthews an anti-semite? Sure looks like it.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/10/2014 - () 8.32 MB
Obama takes the blame for the dems losses in the election... kind of. He claims he is willing to work with the GOP. We all know if he doesn't receive bills that fit his specific specifications he will just veto them, so how is that working WITH the GOP?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/07/2014 - () 8.32 MB
The race card fails to produce results for dems again. Condi Rice weighs in on that and more. Also Mia Love tells CNN how it is.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/06/2014 - () 8.56 MB
Its Official: The Obama Era is Over -- CBS is worried GOP Congress will actually pass legislation.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/05/2014 - () 10.1 MB
Republicans seize control of the Senate. The GOP also took many gov. races that were close to call and expected to go to the dems. Obama is screwed! Too bad for Barry.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/04/2014 - () 8.34 MB
NBC Nightly News thinks that the dems actually have a chance to win some Senate races. MSNBC says that economy isnt as bad as people say it is.... right..

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 11/03/2014 - () 7.29 MB
A new biased U.N. Climate Change report comes out and all 3 major networks jump on it like its the biggest news story of the day. Climate change is the least important issue to voters.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/31/2014 - () 9.15 MB
Democrats are using racism in campaign ads. Are they going to far? Yes they are. They have no choice but to play the race card because they have nothing else to use, and the race card is getting old.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/30/2014 - () 6.5 MB
Jay Carney stereotypes the democratic voter on CNN. Is Voter ID really that big of a deal? Or is voter intimidation a bigger deal?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/29/2014 - () 9.19 MB
Internal memo pushes bringing non-citizens to US for Ebola treatment. WH has no comment. Meanwhile our troops are being sent to Italy for quarantine instead of coming home for quarantine here where they belong. Plus over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges!!!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/28/2014 - () 7.86 MB
CNN believes there will be a 50-50 tie in the Senate after the election. How wrong they are. Stephanie Cutter thinks that the election should be about local issues. She is wrong, again. The election is about the state of our nation, not local issues.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/27/2014 - () 10.06 MB
Hillary Clinton says corporations and businesses DON'T create jobs. Rosie O'Donnell thinks guns only hurt people, not save them.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/24/2014 - () 7.51 MB
Obamacare is becoming a key issue in the mid-term elections. Democrats have no answer for rising insurance rates.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/23/2014 - () 10.36 MB
New report states that the Obama Administration has OK'd the release of over 2000 illegals with major criminal records into the country. Josh Earnest refuses to admit that DHS is planning for Obama's executive amnesty.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/22/2014 - () 9.14 MB
Dems are running from Obama like he has Ebola! Dems are worried about November and they should be.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/21/2014 - () 10.38 MB
The WH is not listening to the American people when it comes to its policies. Howard Fineman says a travel ban is racist.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/20/2014 - () 9.71 MB
Ted Cruz schools Candy Crowley on why we need a travel ban. Is Obama trying to ruin the country? Answer: Yes.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/17/2014 - () 10.05 MB
The Affordable Care Act does not offer AFFORDABLE health insurance to the majority of Americans. Obama's New Ebola Czar Does Not Have Medical, Health Care Background.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/16/2014 - () 8.75 MB
John Kerry is still talking climate change when we have bigger problems in this country. Obama has given billions of tax payer money to fund 'green' jobs. These 'green' companies have all folded! Scott reviews the list!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/15/2014 - () 9.44 MB
MSNBC's Toure' is worried about racism against Muslims, even though Islam is not a race. ABC is finally talking about how low Obama's approval rating is and how it looks like bad news for the Dems in the upcoming election.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/14/2014 - () 8.39 MB
Confusion in the Obama administration about a possible ground war in Iraq. Were chemical weapons used by ISIS? Kerry says we will give $212 Million to Palestine aka Hamas.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/13/2014 - () 9.37 MB
Susan Rice thinks our air strike only strategy is working in Iraq. It's clear she is as clueless as her boss.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/10/2014 - () 8.76 MB
The WH says Obama's immigration executive order isn't politically motivated. Ya right. Border Agents have captured a man from East Africa trying to cross the southern border.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/09/2014 - () 9.37 MB
John Kerry says we need to keep our border open and flights flowing into the US from Africa. Is he crazy? Also, more illegals are being released than detained in New Mexico.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/08/2014 - () 10.49 MB
Piers Morgan slams Obama. Jimmy Carter slams Obama. But the media still loves him. How can this be?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/07/2014 - () 9.25 MB
Another illegal alien is involved in a hit and run, this time with children. Local law enforcement officials look the 'other way' when it comes to checking immigration status.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/06/2014 - () 7.69 MB
More apologies from Biden. Why are dems still playing the race card when it comes to Obama? Obama is afraid to use our troops where it matters.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/03/2014 - () 9.08 MB
Obama parties with illegals. All of this while a bogus unemployment number for September comes out that doesn't add up to the 92 million people who are not in the labor force.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/02/2014 - () 10.35 MB
Chris Matthews calls Obama lazy. Pelosi thinks Dems will control everything in 2016. Montel Williams gave a moving testimony on Capitol Hill.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 10/01/2014 - () 9.13 MB
Obama says you are better off with him as President. Scott disagrees. Plus a new poll shows democrats want Obamacare repealed!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/30/2014 - () 10.12 MB
Obama only attends 42% of his daily intelligence briefings. What is he doing all day? Maybe he only works 42% of the time?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/29/2014 - () 11.09 MB
MSNBC thinks the beheading in Oklahoma was just workplace violence. ISIS is now the wealthiest terror group in history.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/26/2014 - () 10.29 MB
Goodbye Eric Holder!! A man who recent converted to Islam beheads a woman in Oklahoma. Barack Obama praises a radical cleric in Iraq who in 1994 declared a fatwa against American troops in Iraq.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/25/2014 - () 10.44 MB
Rosie O'Donnell thinks that the US has a financial agenda in using airstrikes in Syria. Iraqi PM says ISIS is planning to hit subways in Paris and the US.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/24/2014 - () 10.19 MB
Leonardo DiCraprio spews his liberal global warming agenda at the UN. Scott dissects his speech. Take a listen.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/23/2014 - () 9.86 MB
I guess Mitt Romney was right back in 2012. Are cuts in defense spending hurting our military? Obama is using planes to bomb Syria that he claimed were obsolete in 2009.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/22/2014 - () 8.12 MB
Politico posts a puff piece on Lois Lerner. Got Obamacare? Get ready for a new tax bill. Is it time to get rid of the IRS?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/19/2014 - () 11.94 MB
Will future Benghazi hearings bring out the truth? Boehner votes to fund Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. What's wrong with this picture? Congress will fund unknown Syrian rebels, but won't help Ukraine fight Putin?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/18/2014 - () 12.23 MB
Viggo Mortensen says Right-Wing News 'Appallingly Shallow And Manipulative' -- he thinks that left wing radio shows (all 2 of them) use more facts than their conservative counterparts. Why do some actors insist on talking politics when they know nothing about it?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/17/2014 - () 12.2 MB
ISIS is using social media and message boards to get their radical message out. This includes instructions on how to make home-made bombs. Also new reports indicate that businesses are not hiring due to Obamacare. They are outsourcing jobs that could be done by Americans, or simply not hiring any full time employees. This is a major election issue.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/16/2014 - () 10.39 MB
Chris Matthews says Cheney created Al Qaeda. Rep. O'Rourke (D-TX) thinks that Americans don't understand the border like its a complex math problem. He doesn't understand the threat a wide open border carries with it.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/15/2014 - () 10.63 MB
Muslim items found on our border. Germany and Britain dont want to help with Obama's plan on ISIS. And the govt collects 2.66 Trillion in taxes but still has a HUGE deficit.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/12/2014 - () 8.27 MB
ISIS has 31,500 soldiers in its terrorist army. This is as much as the Taliban had in Afghanistan in 2001. Will air strikes be enough to defeat that amount? Probably not.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/11/2014 - () 10.69 MB
Obama has declared war on ISIS/ISIL. Will airstrikes be enough to defeat them? Probably not. Without a strong ground force, which Iraq does not currently have, it may be impossible to defeat the terrorists.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/10/2014 - () 11.05 MB
Rachel Maddow and Claire McCaskill blame the police for instigating the riots in Ferguson. Now the Eric Holder's Justice Dept is investigating the Ferguson Police Dept, not what happened to the small businesses during the riots. This is politically motivated rubbish!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/09/2014 - () 8.89 MB
Benghazi - What really happened... American lives could have been saved, but because of a 30 minute delay, they were lost.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/08/2014 - () 9.15 MB
Activists are upset that Obama wants to delay his exec. order on amnesty until after the elections. Obama is set to address the nation on Wednesday regarding ISIS. Or will he talk immigration instead?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/05/2014 - () 6.5 MB
A Judge sets hearings for illegal minors 4 years from now. Tells them to enjoy school. A Record: 92,269,000 Not in Labor Force, and what does Obama want to do, legalize another 11+ million to make that number grow. Job growth cannot match the demand of people seeking jobs.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/04/2014 - () 12.69 MB
Obama was briefed on ISIS over a year ago and did nothing. Major news networks are starting to criticize Obama on his foreign policy. Its about time.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/03/2014 - () 9.91 MB
Boehner says immigration can be addressed next year. But what about the fixing the border problem NOW? In the culture: Why do celebrities act shocked when their nude photos are leaked? If they didnt take the photos in the first place they wouldn't have this problem!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 9/02/2014 - () 12.67 MB
Ed Schultz blasts Obama's indecision on ISIS on his podcast. Then on his TV show says conservatives shouldnt criticize the President on the issue. Also Labor Joe Biden says he and Obama have helped the middle class tremendously. What an idiot. Listen to this extended edition!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/29/2014 - () 10.08 MB
The DOJ priorities are out of whack. Obama can't make a decision on ISIS. Why does it take so long for his administration to come out and say we need to enforce/close our border?

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/28/2014 - () 9.59 MB
Chris Matthews attacks the NRA when they had nothing to do with the AZ range shooting. Matthews also makes a big factual error on the Burger King tax story.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/27/2014 - () 9.34 MB
A White/Hispanic young man was shot by a black police officer in Utah. Where is the outcry? Where is the media? Nowhere to be found. Also, are we too politically correct in this country? Answer: Yes.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/26/2014 - () 7.72 MB
BIG News - Lois Lerner Emails Located!? But its too difficult for the IRS to obtain them. And Rev. Al answers the 'tough' questions on NBC.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/25/2014 - () 8.67 MB
Is ISIS a threat to the USA or not? The Obama admin seems very confused. We talk about it. Take a listen.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/22/2014 - () 9.9 MB
The Pentagon says the ISIS threat is beyond anything we've seen. Mitt Romney helps Paul Ryan promote his Pro-Amnesty book and more executive actions from Obama dealing with immigration.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/21/2014 - () 7.29 MB
CT Gov. Malloy airs a political ad exploiting the Newtown shooting. Where is the media coverage? Rob Reiner says the Tea Party is an extreme organization, compares it to Hamas.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/20/2014 - () 9.18 MB
The autopsy results are in for Michael Brown but Eric Holder isn't satisfied. One of the people on the grand jury for the Rick Perry indictment is a democratic delegate, surprise surprise!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/19/2014 - () 7.82 MB
The indictment of Rick Perry is a waste of time and money. George Soros gave $500k to the group responsible and media outlets are ignoring that. Take a listen.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/18/2014 - () 10.12 MB
Violence erupts in Missouri because of the Michael Brown shooting. Businesses are being destroyed while the police stand around. Once again, people are jumping to conclusions before they know all of the facts.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/15/2014 - () 10.24 MB
John Kerry goes to Hawaii and says Climate Change is the most important issue facing the world right now. No, we're not kidding. Take a listen!

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/14/2014 - () 7.42 MB
Obama says "Don't do stupid stuff" He should take his own advice. Plus Scott talks about several studies showing that the US is definitely worse off than it was 6 years ago.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/13/2014 - () 11.47 MB
Is ISIS recruiting in the USA? The Obama administration says no, but intelligence says otherwise. What exactly is Obama's policy on Iraq? We talk about it.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/12/2014 - () 10.98 MB
Iraq is under siege. The country is in a civil war not only on the battlefield but in their own govt. Obama's response? Go play golf.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/11/2014 - () 11.69 MB
Border Patrol agents speak out against immigration policies. Obama dances around questions about his executive actions.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/8/2014 - () 10.55 MB
Border Agent morale is at an all time low and so is President Obama's approval rating. We talk about it on today's show.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/7/2014 - () 10.52 MB
Rudy Giuliani weighs in on Jimmy Carter's Op-Ed in favor of Hamas. Carter must favor terrorism. Marc Lamont Hill on CNN thinks Israel isn't fighting fair and another Joe Biden gaffe.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/6/2014 - () 9.38 MB
Juan Williams says Republicans want to impeach Obama because he is black. Can Obama give amnesty to 5-6 million by executive order? We talk about it. Take a listen.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/5/2014 - (12:35) 11.59 MB
The Federal Debt has skyrocketed under Obama. The real unemployment rate in this country is well over 15% What does Congress do? Go on vacation.

Scott Rogers Show Podcast for 8/4/2014 - (9:58) 9.19 MB
The United States has an UNSECURE Border! Congress is not doing its job by passing border bills that do not protect US Citizens. Scott discusses how we can secure our border and protect our country from unwanted guests.